Live music returns to Tewinga

Rob Torelli and Tom Goodwin
Rob Torelli and Tom Goodwin

LOOSE Cannons Rob Torelli and Tom Goodwin will perform solo acoustic shows at 2NVR's Studio 3 on Friday January 15 at Tewinga.

Rob will perform a set of Paul Kelly songs as part of his Most Wanted Man show. Tom will perform a set of Nick Cave songs, unimaginatively titled The Love Songs of Nick Cave.

Paul Kelly is a national treasure. Arguably one of the world's greatest songwriters, and a story-teller in the great Australian tradition. Rob Torelli, apart from being one of Paul Kelly's biggest fans, is also a great interpreter of his songs. He has performed his homage The most wanted man at the Acoustic Club solo and with the backing of the Cannons live at Studio 3.

Nick Cave could be described as the yang to Paul Kelly's ying. Also one of the world's great songwriters, Cave's dark persona and embrace of the atonal overshadows his ability to write some powerful and melodic songs.

Paul Kelly will write How To Make Gravy, Nick Cave will write The Mercy Seat. Tom is well known in the Valley as a guitarist who has played with just about everyone, and is certainly no stranger to Studio 3. This time he will reverse engineer some of Nick Cave's songs for acoustic guitar and vocals.

The show will run from 6pm to 8pm and be broadcast live on 2NVR, 105.9 FM and also streamed live on the 2NVR website. Who goes first will be decided by a coin toss.

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