Bowraville Central School cattle team competes in virtual show

While the cancellation of agricultural shows across the country has left thousands of cattle exhibitors disappointed, online competitions are filling the void.

Three students from Bowraville Central School - Toria Kete, Josh Callaway and Braeden Johnson - decided to put their knowledge and skills to the test by competing in the St Paul's Virtual Junior Beef Judging Competition.

Students were given online footage of four animals and then had to choose how they would place the animals if they were the judge. The hardest part was producing a video no longer than three minutes that explained the reasons/justifications for placing the animals in the positions that they had. Each participant spoke about the structure of the animal, the desirable and undesirable traits and the potential of the animal as a breeding prospect.

Every student completed considerable research and all dressed up in their cattle team uniform to film the response that was sent off to be judged by industry professionals.

While the school hasn't received feedback on placings just yet, the competition certainly pushed students outside of their comfort zones.

These three students for overcame their fear of public speaking and made a huge effort outside of school time to complete the speech for the video. They were happy that they competed in the competition and they are now looking forward to competing in more virtual shows.

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