Rusty Iron Rally 2020 will be a mega-Facebook event

Plans to keep the Rusty Iron Rally revving 'virtually' this year

Organisers of the 25th annual Rusty Iron Rally have had to take their feet off the throttle and put the event in the proverbial 'shed out the back' until 2021 due to COVID-19.

But that does not mean that those of you who are hankering for a fix of metal and wheels and engine parts will be left suffering withdrawals.

No, not at all ... instead the event will become an online/facebook event with members of the Mid North Coast Machinery Restoration Club Inc. sending in photos of their machinery/vehicles/collections, all of which will be put on the club's Facebook page at the time of the event ... the weekend of September 5 and 6.

The Club's Facebook page is Rusty Iron Rally.

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