Learner driver charged after crash on Wirrimbi Rd, Nambucca

An 'unaccompanied' 26-year-old learner driver walked away uninjured after crashing a car along Wirrimbi Rd, near Nambucca Heads.

Three passengers (two aged 20 and one aged 18) were also in the car at the time of the accident. Thankfully none were injured.

The man driving the car was allegedly heading towards Nambucca Heads along Wirrimbi Rd at around 7pm on Saturday evening when he passed a marked highway patrol vehicle.

Police said the learner driver appears to have panicked and driven the car at speed around the sharp u-bend in between Gordons Knob Rd and Old Coast Rd turnoffs.

The car lost traction on the wet bitumen around the bend and veered off the road, coming to rest on its side on the steep embankment.

The driver has been charged for being an unaccompanied learner driver and failure to display L plates.

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