After lockdown tragedy, Jack's Ridge 3D Archery Club Inc is ready to snap back

After a lockdown tragedy, this club is ready to snap back

For most sporting and recreational clubs around the Nambucca Valley, the past four months have been tough.

But for the Jack's Ridge 3D Archery Club Inc there was added salt rubbed in the COVID lockdown wound.

It had only been a matter of months since the club had moved into their new abode at Jacks Ridge Road in the Nambucca State Forest, when coronavirus crashed the country.

But during the course of the enforced hiatus, some foul felon/s hacked into the club's storage container and took off with every bow and arrow housed within it.

"They cut the locks off the containers with an angle grinder, and we would have lost a lot more - like our generator - if they could have gotten their vehicles into the area," club member Robert Channells said.

"Luckily they didn't take our (custom-made, foam) targets because they're worth quite a bit of money to get replaced."

Archery is not much fun without a bow

Archery is not much fun without a bow

All told, the club is looking at $1500 - $2000 to replace what was taken, although many of the bows had an immeasurable sentimental value, having been gifted to the club.

"I have no idea what they'd be using them for," Robert said.

It was quite a blow to the new club, but they're not ones to lie down and wallow.

As soon as was allowed, they were back at it, holding shoots on their two new ranges which can hold up to 20 targets at a time.

With a firm COVID-safe plan at the ready, their next shoot is scheduled for this Sunday, June 19, from 9.30am.

And they're hoping there might be some old members and a few new ones willing to flex their bows this weekend.

The club does still have two adult-sized bows and two lighter ones for kids available for use.

It's $10 a head and there's a sausage sizzle to wrap up the day at around 11am.

If you're keen to have a shoot, or want to see what it's all about contact Robert Channells on 0409 647-531, or Ron Edwards on 0427 431-191.

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