2040 screening and panel event: Eungai rethinks living on the land

Living and working on the land in this country has always had its challenges - drought, flood, disease and pests - and farmers have proven themselves to be resilient in the face of these challenges, and highly adaptable to changing conditions.

The Eungai TABLE will be hosting a panel discussion, facilitated by Bonny Hills' Rachel Shepperd, with local food producers and others, talking about their experiences, identifying their challenges, and some of the innovative ways they have tackled and overcome them.

One of the topics panelists will be speaking about is regenerative farming, and how they have incorporated regenerative practices into their own and the results of these changes.

"Regenerative farming requires a different mindset to conventional farming. But the outcomes include better soil quality, improved water retention and resistance to drought, which means better food security for the community the farm is in," Rachel Shepperd said.

Audience members are encouraged to participate in the discussion, asking questions and sharing their own concerns, ideas, and practices.

The panel discussion will be followed by a screening of the film '2040'.

The film follows Damon Gameau as he travels the world in search of new approaches and solutions to emerging issues with the hope that his daughter, who turns 21 in the year 2040, will face a positive future.

The Eungai TABLE, would like to invite everyone to join us from 6pm on Friday, January 24, at Eungai District Soldiers' Memorial Hall.

The evening will start with dinner- bring a plate to share (nut free please), followed by the panel discussion at 6.30 and the screening at 7.30.

Tickets are $10 per person and are available from either Eungai Rail or Eungai Creek store, or contacting Eungai Hall Committee via Facebook, or eungaihall@gmail.com, or by texting/phoning 0409130921.

Panel members for the evening

Tom previously worked in Environmental management and has been farming full time for four years now at The Mandarin Bend. He manages one project for Macleay Valley Landcare, but their main business is certified organic, no-till vegetable farming. Tom is incredibly passionate about regenerative agriculture. He has a small herd of cattle which are holistically grazed on their property.

Logan has been working as Nambucca Valley Landcare Coordinator for four years. He doesn't come from a farming background but works with farmers across the valley and facilitates workshops including some around holistic grazing. He has a lot of connections and will be good to have on the panel for those seeking more information and assistance.

Marlon and Sharon are relatively new to the Valley, Marlon was previously in National Parks & Wildlife Services and has been cattle farming for a while, previously working 1600 acres in Nymboida but downsizing to 400 acres since moving to the Valley.

Sarah is of Homemade Healthy Happy Farm & Farmstay, a small-scale diversified ethical farm practicing regenerative agriculture, producing pasture-raised pork in a picturesque valley on the Mid North Coast of NSW, currently working towards organic certification.

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