Toby Batten and Rielly Laverty selected for NSW Open 12s Rugby League Development Squad

Best mates Toby Batten and Rielly Laverty can usually be found facing off on the footy field on weekends.

Macksville boy Rielly plays for the Bowra Tigers while Nambucca lad Toby is a Rooster, with the two teams being fierce competitors; last year both U11 teams were so evenly matched they were awarded a joint premiership title.

But Toby and Rielly say they prefer being on the same team and they're an absolute unit when they do play beside one another.

"They're great together because they feed the ball to each other," Rielly's mum Alison said.

Good thing then that they've both just been selected from over 200 players for the Open 12s State Rugby League Development Squad.

"I was pretty excited that I got picked," Toby said.

We're pretty little compared to the other guys. We're probably the two littlest kids on the squad.

"Yeah, there was this kid - Max Laverty [no relation] - and he was playing the same position but he was twice the size of me," Rielly said.

Twelve is a tough age for sport when the difference in physical maturity between players can sometimes be comical.

But where others have the brawn, our pocket rockets have the speed.

And they've learnt to read the game better.

Toby has a great head on his shoulders - he needs it as half back when directing play.

And despite playing centre when he's usually five-eighth, Rielly was the king of capitalising on opportunities down at the PSSA representative carnival, and came away with six tries over the three days of games.

The boys are currently down in Sydney with 32 other hopefuls from the state. From this week, 17 will eventually go on to represent NSW in Brisbane in August.

Toby was the only half-back picked in the squad, but Rielly is a little nervous considering there are four other centres down in Sydney with him.

But both are just excited to be down there.

"It's great to get the chance to make new friends and be trained by really good coaches," they said.

The two St Patrick's School boys say they're keen to take their careers to the big league if they can.

But just in case, they've also got a promising future in either AFL or touch football, with both boys selected to represent Polding in the PSSA carnivals of those codes too.

There's not much time to fit anything else in around all the footy these two are playing, but that's just the way they like it.

"We never get sick of it," they said.

Good luck and go get 'em boys!

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