The Nambucca Valley on Instagram | photos

WHEN you're prepared to get wet, have the right gear, and an eye for perspective - the result can be stunning.

Enter Nambucca surf snapper Chris Hewgill, who took this amazing capture which headlines this week's gallery of your photos shared on Instagram.

It's been an interesting time for those behind the lens - check out the yummy slow cooked chicken wings at the Servies. It is a new theme night at the club, but by jingo you had to be quick - as they were all gooone in short order.

And there's the success story of Valla's Clare Warner who took a gamble of sprouting some spears of asparagus - and voila, springing up a treat they be.

Plus there's been a swag of birthdays in our Valley - find out who blew out the candles and maybe made a wish or three in the doing.

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We always love to see some photos of food and celebrations โ€“ everything from shindigs through to nights out with friends. But literally, almost anything will be welcomed by our growing audience!

And in case you missed the snaps from last week, you can catch-up here.

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