Letter: Gelignite, bullrout and a drain on Missabotti creek

READING Sue Ingleton's letter (see below) mentioning bull routs brought back vivid memories for me.

In the late 1950s-early 1960s, fishing in upper Missabotti creek was frequently with a quarter stick of gelignite; a practice that no one would advocate today. On one such occasion I was stung by a bull rout (and I was in primary school), one of the most painful experiences of my life.

Chances of a a bull rout sting in upper Missabotti now - zero. Chances of even seeing a catfish, eel, tortoise or bass - zero. The catch from a quarter stick of gelignite now - a shower of stones.

The chance of another thousand houses on the Nambucca coastal strip drawing water from Missabotti - probably 100 per cent.

Andy Moran

part time resident of Missabotti

Please save those River St trees

FROM way down south in Central Victoria where we suffer years of drought, I'm writing to Nambucca Shire Council with a cry for sanity.

Thousands of kilometres away, I often go into a reverie remembering the beautiful riverside ambience of Macksville, our local town from Taylor's Arm where my kids grew up, where we picnicked, demonstrated for nuclear disarmament, once crafted a giant spider's web in a tree for International Women's Day (weaving the web!), where the kids waited impatiently for me to come back from shopping in the Co-Op (not Woolworths), ate treats from Big Jim's, wandered into the river on our very first visit and got bitten by a bull rout (ah, the wildlife!).

But that first visit melted my heart.

There's nothing like the peace of a riverside, sitting under those ancient trees, nature's gift to stress.

Please do not wreck one beautiful thing in Macksville as so many charming individual things have already disappeared. I do come 'home' as much as I can. Please do not make we weep on my next return.

Sue Ingleton

Formerly of Taylor's Arm,

now Castlemaine Victoria

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