Details on the million dollars promised for projects across the Nambucca Valley

On the weekend local member Melinda Pavey was at the V-Wall for the announcement of funding for four significant community improvement projects around the Nambucca Valley, totalling nearly a million dollars.

The funding comes as remittance from the State Government’s leasing of publicly-owned electrical poles and wires and was delivered via its Stronger Country Communities fund.

“Even though those poles and wires weren’t leased in the country, it was part of the arrangement that we as a coalition came together over, to ensure that there was some investment back in country NSW,” Mrs Pavey said.

“Along with fixing local country bridges, rail, and roads these are some of the projects that we have supported in our local communities.”

Mrs Pavey said money for all four funding announcements made at the weekend is 100 per cent from the Stronger Communities Fund, meaning there was no pressure on Nambucca Shire Council to match funding dollar for dollar.

Mrs Pavey said the decision about which projects to invest in comes directly from working with local governments.

“They’ve got the eyes and ears on the ground, so they know what is best to invest in.”

Mayor Rhonda Hoban said the projects chosen as part of the Stronger Country Communities fund were largely projects chosen by the community. 

Phillip Hughes Oval

“The oval improvements had a particular significance to the community as a recognition of Phillip Hughes,” Cr Hoban said.

But she said the project, like the naming of the Phillip Hughes Bridge, not only had local support, but many fans from further afield who wish to see a fitting tribute to one of cricket’s greats.

The money ($342,266) received  for the renovation of the Phillip Hughes Oval will go nearly all the way towards finishing the project, according to grants officer Teresa Boorer and general manager Michael Coulter.

Intended works include building a new clubhouse, maintenance of the oval, installing official signage, carpark works, and the erection of recycled-plastic white picket fencing around the perimeter of the oval to complete the aesthetic of the iconic local country cricket club.


“We’ve had a master plan for the V-Wall in place for a number years, but this half a million dollars is, well, more than a kickstart really for that project,” mayor Hoban said.

“It involves some environmental work – revetment work, and some erosion in the really popular areas that people want to access.”

The V-Wall project received a boost of $472,133 from the grant program.

Works also include an enhanced parking area, including parking bays for coaches (which will be reclaimed from some of the current lawn area directly adjacent to the V-Wall tavern.

The lawn area will be planted out more and there will be a new undercover area and picnic tables, along with installation of featured sculptures. See gallery above for more details on proposed work.

“I can’t tell you exactly which of those things will be done in which order, but all of those things are on that plan,” Cr Hoban said.

The V-Wall project should be wrapped up in around 18 months’ time with major work needing to be organised on either side of the peak tourist period.

Taylors Arm and Macksville Tennis Club

The $68,298 in grant money will be spent on general refurbishments of both tennis clubs.

“Taylors Arm in particular needs a revamp and a resurface, and some of the fences badly need fixing,” Teresa Boorer said.

“And Macksville tennis courts will be a continuation of work we have already started.

“Because we could pool projects together for sporting infrastructure we did it across the tennis facilities,” 

Bowraville Connections Project Playground

Mel Pavey said the $264,180 funding for the redevelopment of the playground will enable the project to go on without the need to wait for the $1 million grant from the Regional Sports Infrastructure Fund. 

Incidentally, she said nearly half a billion dollars worth of grant applications had been received for just $100 million in funding under that scheme.

“So, I’m anxious about our chances on that one,” Mrs Pavey said.

The funding for the playground will be building on work that has already been started within the Bowraville Connections Precinct including at the skatepark and the BMX track. Money has also been received to construct a retaining wall at the tennis court. 

Work on the skatepark was started in October last year.

Work on the skatepark was started in October last year.

Other grants have been approved for the bollard lighting and pathways, and to upgrade the disabled toilet facilities.

“The playground is really the next step in that connections project,” grants officer Teresa Boorer said.

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