Show of support for Nambucca's Visitor Information Centre exceeds expectation

Show of support for Nambucca's Visitor Information Centre exceeds expectation

There's been movement at the information station.

And word is starting to get around, that it'll be reopened come December.

For the past few weeks five committed returning volunteers of the Visitor Information Centre (VIC) have been scrubbing the decks, readying for its relaunch on December 5.

And the reopening can't come soon enough.

"We know there's a need. We were open for two and a half hours whilst tidying up and dispensing with outdated brochures ... and we had at least 16 people call in wanting information. Many locals were curious too," Nambucca Valley Tourism Association's (NVTA) Public Officer Dorothy Harris said.

Last Saturday the VIC hosted a volunteers open day to try to boost numbers to staff the centre.

"We have already been promoting our need for volunteers and have had quite a lot of interest, but we need(ed) more so ultimately the centre can go back to being open 363 days a year," Dorothy said.

After speaking with NVTA President Jane Smith today Guardian News can announce the open day was a roaring success.

"We've superseded our own expectations," Jane said.

Eighteen new volunteers signed up on the day, taking the total number to around 23.

"Which is a huge props to the VIC working group and their efforts," Jane said.

We made a commitment to council to open 14 hours per week, but with the amount of support already shown by the community it looks like we'll be able to open seven days a week from December 5 onwards.

Dorothy said many of those who joined have a wealth of experience, including in sales and marketing, and in customer service.

"I am proud to say the calibre is looking good. Everyone seems to have one thing in common - passion for the Nambucca Valley - and are keen to help showcase this area," she said.

And Jane anticipates community interest will continue to grow as momentum builds.

She said the NVTA has been working hard towards the rebranding and creating digital content for the VIC.

Some new promotional imagery of the Nambucca Valley is being filmed and cut together and will be debuted and played on loop on the new tv screen at the VIC. Footage will also be posted on the website and social media channels.

Jane said there are plans for two more videos to be created next year.

The first will feature gourmet offerings from the Nambucca Valley's many food producers and the local chefs who make use of their goods.

The second will be a video celebrating and promoting Gumbaynggirr language.

"The Muurrbay Language Centre is such a key asset for the Nambucca Valley - they're the best Indigenous language centre in all of NSW, which is something to be proud of," Jane said.

"Like 'kia ora' in New Zealand, I want people to leave Nambucca being comfortable saying 'giinagay'."

If you would like to be part of the team making "Nambucca Valley tick", you can email or phone Gail on 0429 631-741.

All volunteers will be guided through with quality training and support. And volunteering hours can be flexible to suit your lifestyle and desired level of commitment.

"We know the Nambucca Valley is a great place to live, let's work together to spread the word. Let's show off our piece of paradise," Dorothy said.

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