Bowra's Tasman Keith takes out Australian Music Video of the Year

While many musicians have struggled with the upheaval this year has brought, not so Tasman Keith.

"When COVID hit I just put my head down and worked my arse off," he said.

"I knew that what was happening was out of my control. Yeah I couldn't do live shows, but that gave me so much time to write music. I ended up making 60 demos in six months," he said.

The Bowraville hip hop artist has been racking up career milestones for himself in 2020, including working with Midnight Oil on their new album - more of which will be said in a future article.

He used his gift for others too, by joining up with hip-hop label Elefant Traks for their City Loves Country Fire Relief concert to raise over $9K for those affected by the Kian Rd fire.

His recent string of successes culminated in yesterday's announcement; Tas' nod-along earworm of a track 'Billy Bad Again' has taken out this year's Rage and Triple J's Australian Music Video of the Year.

The music video was a "20:80" collaboration between Tas and director, Joey Hunter.

"Joey spearheaded it and came up with the initial idea of the microphone and the computer, and I styled the whole thing and came up with a couple of the one-take shots," he said.

The video was filmed in Sydney and features his brother - Kapital J - and a whole lot of cousins from Bowra.

Tas was understandably chuffed at the news they'd won the J Award, in a year when legendary singer and storyteller Archie Roach received the award for Best Artist, and young Gudjinburra man JK-47 won Best Unearthed Artist.

"I'm just super thankful. I've been working really hard for a long time and this is the first time I've got some real industry recognition," he said.

"It's proof of what I've already known.

"I mean, it's not validation - I get that from my fans and my family. If I was waiting to feel validation from an award I'd have dropped out a long time ago.

But this is something to hold, something to take back to Bowra and show people.

The award comes as a sort of vindication after he was looked over for a nomination in the same category in this year's ARIAs.

"I feel like this award is more important - it's more reflective of what's going on out there," he said.

"I can now rest for a day - and then it's back to work again."

He's not kidding. Less than 24 hours after the winners were announced, Tas released a new single, 'Confident', and will share the stage in a concert tomorrow with Jessica Mauboy, before heading off to Darwin for another gig.

But it's this admirable work ethic that's gotten him to the point of national recognition.

And he won't stop until he sees his music go around the globe.

Yeah, going international is definitely an end goal. It sounds like a cliché but I truly believe that anything is possible, you've just got to put your mind to it.

Tasman Keith

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