Jaw-some: Scotts Head Sharks make a big splash this season

Photo submitted by club
Photo submitted by club

In a year when things were going pear-shaped for a lot of community sports, the fledgling Scotts Head Soccer Club has had a dream run.

Last year the Sharks debuted four teams.

"A lot of us played with other football clubs around the place. Then a group of parents got together and thought 'this is madness - we need to start our own club. We've got the best oval here in Buz Brazel, we should be using that!'," club committee member Lara Jones said.

2020 was the second year the Scotts Head Sharks took to the field; in spite of the pandemic hurdles, local interest had doubled and eight teams slipped on the green and black jerseys.

With only a handful of sporting clubs based in Scotts Head, this new venture has roused the enthusiasm of the wider community.

"It's generated a lot of interest in the town too - a lot of people come down just to watch the kids play," Lara said.

"And the response from the local businesses has been phenomenal - there aren't too many here to go and ask for sponsorship support, but most have helped us."

Of the eight teams, two are competitive: the Under 12s and Under 13s. And both earned a coveted spot in the North Coast Football Finals Series this year.

The Under 13s were unlucky to lose their semi-final match against Corindi.

But the fourth-placed Under 12s won a David v Goliath semi-final battle against the first-placed team in the comp to secure their ticket to the grand final.

On Saturday the Sharks, under the leadership of coach Karl Krause, took on Boambee at Coffs Harbour in a nail-biting premiership match, well-attended by the Scotts Head community.

It was a scorcher on Saturday, and with only one substitute, the Sharks were up for a tough battle from the outset.

Boambee was the first cab off the rank - scoring in the first 20 minutes of the match.

But Scotts Head was not about to let them get away that easily, scoring an equaliser just before half time.

Both teams went into the second half just as eager for glory. There were a couple of good shots at goal from each side.

"Defence was incredible - they never gave up defensively. And both keepers were in fine form, not letting anything get through," Lara said.

But it was the Sharks who finally made one count, taking the score to 2-1, where it stayed until the full-time siren.

"Everyone was jumping up and down - I think the parents were probably even more excited than the kids," Lara said.

"It was such an evenly matched contest, and it was a really nice, fair game - even the Boambee coach made that same comment during the presentation.

"Everybody had a fair go on the field."

Photo submitted by club

Photo submitted by club

With the adrenaline of a premiership win, Lara said the Sharks are now looking forward to their 2021 season, the kids eager to get out on that field once again.

"We are such a small town - we got through the season with the help of all our local sponsors whose generosity helped us to buy new goalposts, balls, training gear and jerseys," she said.

"We need to purchase some more competitive goalposts for next season and we're hoping the community will be just as supportive of us in 2021."

The town was recently awarded a grant to refurbish the canteen at Buz Brazel oval, and there are long-term dreams of winning another to install lights at the ground to assist in afternoon and evening training sessions, particularly in winter when the daylight fades early.

With such a successful entry into the world, many are keen to see what heights this little club scales next.

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