Congratulations to Valla Beach's Robert and Fay Comloquoy

The message sent by the family to Valla Beach couple Fay and Robert Comloquoy
The message sent by the family to Valla Beach couple Fay and Robert Comloquoy

Sixty years on from when they were married, Robert and Fay Comloquoy are preparing to celebrate their amazing shared milestone.

The Valla Beach couple first met at the Collaroy Plateau Baptist Church when Fay's younger brother encouraged her to come along and meet this 'nice young fella'.

"I was 18 and Robert was 17 ... he was a 'bodgie' back then and when he came to take me out on our first date, my parents were horrified," Fay said.

"He was wearing jeans, flying boots, a leather jacket with Elvis hair and sideburns.

"We went to the pictures, which was a long walk downhill and on the way back up we stopped and sat down - the full moon was shining across the water and it was there I had my first kiss."

The couple say it has not always been easy but the good definitely outweighs the bad ...

"We've come through!" Fay laughs.

With two of their three daughters in Queensland and unable to travel down, the couple are looking forward to a quiet celebration with a visit to the aquarium in Coffs Harbour.

"We both love the ocean - we'll sit and share some seafood afterwards while we watch the water ... simple is fine with us."

Little do they know their eldest daughter Debbie will be on their doorstep within hours (and will have arrived by the time you read this) as a surprise!

"Sixty years is quite and innings and something to celebrate and be proud of," Debbie said.

"It's great still having them both with us - they are an inspiration on how strong a marriage can be."

From afar, their other daughters Jenni and Maureen, have arranged all the appropriate congratulations for their parents: "We've had messages from the Governor-General, the Queen and the Prime Minister ... all the big wigs!"

Fay and Robert also have nine grandchildren and three great-grandchildren.

All their family and friends would like to say a big congratulations to the couple.

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