The rejuvenation of Dawkins Park in Macksville continues

There will be wind in these sails soon

The journey towards making Macksville's Dawkins Park an attractive and environmentally-kosher oasis in the heart of the CBD continues.

First it was the ibis eradication program and now the windmill that runs the pump to keep the pond clean is rising on its shores.

Realising the vision of making the little park into an 'Environmental and Cultural Learning Space' got a huge boost last year when Nambucca Valley Council was successful in obtaining $95,000 from the NSW Government for their 'Learning about Climate Change through Public Spaces Project'.

This assistance compliments the $45,000 from the council's Environmental Levy and in-kind contributions from Southern Cross University, a partner on the project.

The project involves two distinct phases:

Stage One is the construction of the 18m high windmill (Comet brand, locally-sourced) and associated wind pump which will drive the re-circulation of water from the pond through the rain garden which is established in the park.

The re-circulation of water garden will reduce stagnation and also act as filter reducing nutrient loads and other pollutants affecting water quality.

Stage 2 involves a partnership with Southern Cross University and local schools who will assist in creating learning spaces around the park and developing practical exercises relevant to curriculums.

And what about the pile of rubble next door?

This is a sister project that will see a jetty and shelter in the north western corner of the lake as well as pathways, landscaping, interpretive information and seating ... and is again thanks to a NSW Government grant for $109,000, matched by Environment Levy funds.

And let's not forget the added bonus of having another interesting attraction for visitors who will hopefully be stopping by.

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