Dealing with the wild deer problem in the Nambucca Valley

Photo courtesy of North Coast Local Land Services
Photo courtesy of North Coast Local Land Services

It's not a problem that has just sprung up ... wild deer numbers are on the increase in the Nambucca Valley, particularly in the South Arm and Newee Creek areas, and the mayor, Cr Rhonda Hoban, would like to see action to bring them under control.

At last week's Nambucca Valley Council meeting, Cr Hoban tabled a notice of motion saying that wild deer are a pest animal with the potential for significant primary production and environmental impacts particularly if populations are allowed to continue to consolidate and expand.

"Nothing is being done to deal with the numbers here," Cr Hoban told the Guardian News earlier this week.

"Wild deer compete with livestock for grazing resources, they ringbark orchard trees, creating sites for infection from a variety of plant diseases ... they trample, ringbark and generally damage native species and are listed as a key threatening process under the NSW Threatened Species Act 1995.

"I've nearly collected one on Newee Creek Rd and out on Graces Rd there are reports of cattle being gored by stags in rut.

"I know 'shooting Bambi' is not popular but their numbers are increasing all the time and the last thing we need is another pest species.

"There is a program that has been operating out of Port Macquarie and we need to find out about how that is going?"

Cr Hoban's motion to write to the North Coast Local Land Services asking for details of actions to reduce wild deer numbers in the Nambucca Valley, as well as an overview of the ongoing Hastings Wild Deer Management Strategy, was supported unanimously.

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