Letters: Rock n' stroll brings delight at Nambucca

MY SISER Judy lives in Nambucca Heads. For several months now Judy has collected various shaped rocks to hand paint.

Every morning at least two rocks are carefully positioned near the rocks or trees along the coastline, during her early morning walk.

Most times these beautiful rocks have already been collected by the time Judy does her return walk home.

I would be right in saying over 100 various cartoon characters, flowers, encouraging words or verses, animals, scenes and more have been painted and placed around for the lucky finders!

There has been times where elderly gentlemen have lamented on missing out ... so Judy has asked them what they like and painted some for them.

I can just imagine the joy on a child's face upon finding a fairy or a dinosaur rock.

They are all lovingly drawn and painted beautifully in the hope of bringing a little joy to the finder. I am so very proud of her efforts.

Cheryl Maguire, Glasshouse Mountains

Macksville magic

I THOROUGHLY enjoyed reading the article about the wonderful revamping of Macksville's historic buildings.

The finished project will give a tremendous boost to the local community and I look forward to seeing the changes in person.

It is a massive, and expensive, undertaking for the building owners which would not have been possible without the assistance of council funding and passionate project sponsors.

There is a fact that needs correction in the article though. The Bridge Cafe, Valley Emporium and Remnant Basket buildings are jointly owned by the Armadas and Kafes families, not just the Kafes family.

Gail Pahn (nee Armadas), Brisbane

A trusted friend

WHAT great news that the Guardian News is back in print. A local printed newspaper is so important to so many of us.

It keeps us informed of local events and news and helps to promote a sense of community. Whether it's a celebration of a sporting win or a charitable organisation raising funds for a needy cause or a good catch on the V-Wall - we all like to read about it.

We recognise that your website is also a great asset to us but there is something about the paper arriving on the doorstep and being able to just pick it up and read it that can't somehow be captured on the computer screen.

So, a big thanks to you all. You are such a responsive and lively team and valued greatly by your readers.

Marlene Griffin, Valla Beach

Malayan Emergency

ON JULY 31 Australia will commemorate the 60th anniversary of the end of the Malayan Emergency.

The Malayan Emergency was declared on June 18, 1948, after the Malayan Communist Party launched an insurgency against British colonial rule.

As the anniversary approaches, we recognise our defence personnel who served over the 13 years of Australia's involvement, in what was one of our nation's longest military commitments, and we pay tribute to the 39 Australians who died while serving in Malaya, 15 of whom were killed in action.

Darren Chester

Minister for Veterans' Affairs

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