Planning for the Nambucca Library extension moves ahead

The $2 million extension of the Nambucca Library has not been an easy project thus far ... it has been controversial with many voices fighting to be heard.

As the project moves towards construction, recent weeks have seen some changes to key players.

On June 10, Cr Anne Smyth resigned from the Nambucca Valley Council, and along with that, her position as chair for the Library Extension Precinct Working Group.

Cr Susan Jenvey has now stepped into this role, thanking Cr Smyth for her hard work.

"This is not an easy position to fill," Cr Jenvey said.

"How we manage library operations and cultural activities on a building site is complicated.

"It's important that there is plenty of planning around the sustainable delivery of cultural activities for the community, both during and after the building process.

"This Precinct Working Group is about managing continuity and change on the site while maintaining our volunteer relationships."

The resignation last week of Marlene and Mike Griffin, from their roles as president and secretary of the Nambucca Community and Arts Centre Management Committee (NCAC), is anther shift.

The NCAC manages the large and small halls, which together with the library, make up the cultural precinct which is the heart of Nambucca Heads.

Marlene told the Guardian News that it was a decision she came to with great sadness and reluctance.

"I had been on the NCAC for 10 years and represented the committee on the Library Extension Project Control Group," Marlene said.

"I have no issue with libraries - I feel they are vital but I also feel that the needs of other cultural, social and educational groups should be taken into consideration.

"We believe this has not been the case in the management of this project."

Vice President of the NCAC, Di Gulson, has now replaced Marlene as president.

"The Precinct Working Group welcomes Di as NCAC's representative to our committee and we are looking forward to walking through this together," Cr Jenvey said.

Right now we need patience and resilience but we will get there.

Cr Susan Jenvey

She said the much-needed grant for the library extensions had brought with it quite a few complications ... not least those of a constrained site, a constrained budget and a constrained time frame.

"Understandably it's not easy for the community or council but we are creatively and constructively using all resources to get the best outcomes.

"All the disruptions and frustrations are temporary ... and it will all be worthwhile once we have the eventual outcome of a great community asset.

"Right now we need patience and resilience but we will get there."

And what will the outcome be?

Cr Jenvey describes it as:

"A larger, modern library and a refurbished small hall with upgraded facilities including accessible community toilets ... an enhanced precinct that is better connected through design, looks appealing from the street and meets changing community needs."

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