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Over the last few days, I keep noticing how our local cafés are struggling financially, and this made me think about the other small businesses that are closed and continue having to pay rent!

I am not a financial wiz, but my understanding in basic financial methods is simple: if a shop is closed, there is no income, so what should happen is "No shop, No Rent"!

I feel the landlords should share the financial hardship, after all the business of renting is profit producing and can be stopped without any great hardship to the landlords.

They would also still have tenants for their properties at the end of the situation, allowing businesses to get back to "business as usual" when restrictions have ended. This would also eliminate the cost of rehiring and setting up the shops.

This would have the effect of fairly sharing the financial hardship to all the retail business sector in this disastrous situation, Not to mention reduce/save the $millions the government is using in support packages.

If the government stops small shops from making an income, (under any circumstances) they need to declare a freeze on rent for them and perhaps setup a reduced funding package for the landlords. After all the ratio of landlords, shopkeepers and employees is drastically different in numbers!

This is my opinion ... perhaps the Local Business groups/committees could canvas the idea of a fairer distribution of financial hardship.

George Micolich

Nambucca Heads

Good neighbours

Chris and Frankie knew that I was running so low on toilet paper rolls that numerous trips to supermarkets was always a disappointment.

So they happen to be at the right place at the right time and kindly gifted me with a pack.

Then my neighbour Bridgitt and daughter Jodie who were also aware of my frustration of not being able to get some especially caring for my husband who has Parkinson's Dementia was able to buy a pack and came over to share us 4 rolls. T

hese acts of kindness bring so much joy to my heart and just moved by their thoughtfulness and generosity.

It means a lot to know that so many people out there are just so good!

Zeny Paraiso-Ward

Nambucca Heads

Historical help wanted

Hope you can help! I'm trying to find any relatives or family or Isaac Smith who died in 1984. His death notice states he lived in Hyland Park and is buried in Nambucca Cemetery.

Ruth Jones,

Chester, England

Forests fill our lungs

It is more than ironic that at the same time as the world is fighting a lung pan epidemic to save the lives of tens of thousands of people, governments are destroying the lungs of the world, our forests, by fire, land clearing and logging.

Even our Nambucca state forest is being logged.

Edmund Lourey

Nambucca Heads

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