Nambucca Valley Council loses a second councillor

RESIGNATION: Cr Anne Smyth served on council since 2008

RESIGNATION: Cr Anne Smyth served on council since 2008

Three weeks ago, on June 9, Cr Anne Smyth gave written notice of her resignation as a councillor of Nambucca Valley Council effective from Wednesday, June 10.

With the council elections now deferred until September 2021 due to COVID, the general manager, Michael Coulter, recommended the council seek an order from the Minister for Local Government that the casual vacancy not be filled.

"This will save the Council the cost of a by-election which would likely be in the order of $100,000," Mr Coulter wrote.

"The Office of Local Government has yet to specify the date the elections will be held in September 2021. However any date in September 2021 is within 18 months of Cr Smyth's resignation."

He noted the council will now operate with seven councillors and a meeting quorum of four: "An odd number is beneficial in avoiding the potential of the Mayor using a second or casting vote to break a deadlock, should she so choose."

Cr Smyth is the second councillor to retire during this current term of Nambucca Valley Council.

Cr Brian Finlayson retired in July last year.

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