Double demerits start: Roadside breath and drug tests re-introduced ahead of long weekend

Police will be out in force this weekend. Photo: File
Police will be out in force this weekend. Photo: File

Double demerits start tomorrow and will be in force for four days over the June long weekend, (Friday June 5 to Monday June 8.)

With COVID-19 restrictions easing, and standard travel resuming, thousands are expected on the roads.

In response to the high volume of traffic, stationary roadside breath and drug tests are being re-introduced after they were shelved in March due to possible health risks related to the virus.

"We've had bushfires, flooding and more recently the COVID-19 pandemic, so we understand that people are keen to travel regionally to stimulate the local economy, particularly over the long weekend," Assistant Commissioner Michael Corboy said.

"However, there is no excuse to get behind the wheel and flagrantly flout the law. The road rules have not changed, and we make no apologies for stopping selfish road users whose irresponsible driving put themselves and others at risk.

"The message is clear - if your driving puts you or others at risk, you will be stopped, and you will face the consequences of your actions."

Additional penalties for anyone caught breaking the law in school zones this Friday can include:

  • Four points and $200 fine speeding 10 km/hr or under
  • Eight demerit points and $360 fine for speeding over 10/km/hr

This is also the second double demerit period with active Mobile Phone Detection Cameras, and drivers caught using their phones will be hit with a $457 fine and 10 demerits.

According to the RMS website, any active demerits points you've accrued will remain on your record for a total of 3 years and four months.

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