Letter: Tourists will go batty over Nambucca Heads

THIS is a ripper of an idea that will have tourists flocking to Nambucca Heads as the COVID-19 restrictions allow travel to resume.

The Gordon Park Flying Fox Colony is at the centre of this concept. Tourists wearing masks will be allowed to get up close and personal with the creatures that instigated the coronavirus pandemic.

Maybe employ a virologist to explain why these colonies are the incubators of such catastrophic virus outbreaks.

And to think they are flying free in the centre of the township is absolutely amazing.

Tourists with a deeper interest in the coronavirus could stay near the colony where they could experience the sights and smells of this wonderful phenomenon.

Now, there is a brilliant idea.Tourists will be flocking to Nambucca Heads to experience this extravaganza.

Walking up the Bowra St shopping strip visitors can smell the wondrous odour of the bat faeces.

Nambucca Heads ... nature's wonderland.

Peter Fuller, Nambucca Heads

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