Raw data shows Nambucca has three confirmed COVID-19 cases

Update: The data has now been updated (as of April 3) to show there are three confirmed cases of coronavirus in the Nambucca.

The most recently included case was confirmed on Thursday, March 26, in postcode 2448.

Previously: Searchable raw data available from Data.NSW at https://data.nsw.gov.au/nsw-covid-19-data shows the Nambucca Valley had two confirmed cases of COVID-19 as of 8pm on April 1.

Kempsey Shire had four confirmed cases according to the data, and Bellingen had one.

The first case in the Nambucca Valley was confirmed last Monday, March 23, in postcode 2448 - which encompasses Nambucca Heads, Hyland Park, Valla and Valla Beach.

The second case was confirmed on Thursday, March 26, in postcode 2447 which encompasses Macksville and most of the areas in the south of our shire.

Last week there was wide speculation by the public that there were confirmed cases in Bowraville. From this data, it is clear that was not the case.

NSW Health has only been releasing daily figures by local government area as a range from 1-4 when there are fewer than five cases, so since Nambucca appeared in the listing from last Thursday, we have not known the exact figure.

The raw data information can be accessed here.

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