Logging to begin in Nambucca State Forest

Plans are in place to begin logging the Nambucca State Forest to the west of the Nambucca Heads township - an action being strongly opposed by the Nambucca Valley Conservation Association (NVCA).

A spokesperson from Forestry Corporation (FC) has confirmed they had "completed planning for a light selective harvesting operation within three compartments of Nambucca State Forest".

According to the plan details, the estimated start date is next Wednesday, April 1.

"However the timing of the operation commencing will depend on a number of factors. Forestry Corporation is prioritising operations within fire affected forest to utilise fire damaged trees, and so the timing of the Nambucca operation will be largely dependent on access to these fire affected forests," the spokesperson said.

Source: Forestry Corporation Plan Portal

Source: Forestry Corporation Plan Portal

"Forestry operations will be permitted in selected areas to assist in bushfire recovery efforts for fire-affected regional communities," the EPA has said.

NVCA representative Lyn Orrego has said what is more important after the recent devastation of many public native forests, is that the remaining habitat is kept to protect wildlife, and as a space for the public to enjoy.

Nambucca State Forest is now a very rare patch of unburnt native forest acting as a wildlife refuge for many native species that have been decimated elsewhere.

Lyn Orrego

"Records reveal the likely presence of koalas, sooty owl, masked owl, powerful owl, grey-headed flying fox, little bentwing bat, and yellow-bellied glider - all of which are threatened species, even before the fires.

"And many people in town enjoy walking in the forest regularly, appreciate a forested backdrop to their town, and how it cools the town and is a home for the wildlife and birdlife."

FC has said it has altered its operations in reaction to the impact of the fires on forests, but needs to maintain timber supplies for the rebuilding phase of affected communities.

"Immediately following the fires, 70 per cent of Forestry Corporation's harvesting operations on the north coast have been moved into hardwood plantations," the spokesperson said.

Many areas were not impacted by fires and a small number of operations are taking place in areas of unburnt forests, maintaining sustainable timber supplies in demand for rebuilding and work in communities where employment in forestry and the timber industry is important.

Forestry Corporation

In an interview with NBN News earlier this month, FC's Dean Kearney said "as soon as we can agree with the EPA we'll be transitioning to areas that have been burnt".

Ms Orrego said she can't understand why the planned logging of the Nambucca State Forest "is slated to go ahead" in light of this statement.

"Community concerns have been raised along with an appeal to government for a moratorium on the logging of unburnt public native forests until post fire assessments of the impacts on wildlife are conducted," she said.

"An appeal will also go out to the NSW Environment Minister to halt the planned logging and to Nambucca Shire Council to support the call along with a letter to the EPA who is the forest regulator.

"Members of the public who would like to help save Nambucca State Forest can contact NVCA and write letters to Matt Kean the NSW Environment Minister who could call a stay of execution."

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