At Valla the Beach House will soon offer food box deliveries

GETTING CREATIVE: Valla Beach House is doing food box deliveries - and still baking bread daily
GETTING CREATIVE: Valla Beach House is doing food box deliveries - and still baking bread daily

Shire businesses are getting creative as they scramble to adhere to fast-changing regulations while keeping staff employed before a likely lock-down occurs.

At the Beach House in Valla the menu has switched to take-away and owner Jessica Waddell is working on a food box delivery option.

"We've reduced our opening hours and are looking at clever ways of offering food to our regulars," Jessica said.

"The staff have been great - they are sharing hours among themselves ... plus we've been collaborating with some other businesses who've already closed.

"We are a small community so it's all about helping each other."

Having spent the last two years working on the eco-credentials of the business and discouraging take-away packaging, the irony of the situation is not lost on Jessica.

"We will have bins out the front so people can drop off their containers and we can put them through our hot compost at home."

Down the road at Nourish, it's take-aways only and a set-up that encourages the required spatial distancing.

"We're following what's required of us as best we can and playing it by ear, " chef Maxim Taylor said.

"Bread and milk are still being delivered daily and we are keeping up the basic groceries for locals who don't want to drive to town."

Others have found some silver-lining in the COVID-19 crisis, such as Geoff Moyle of Valley Pest Solutions, who is diversifying to offer a disinfection service.

"We've got all the gear and we already work for a number of public health services - I ordered the necessary products last week and hopefully we can offer this service shortly," Geoff said.

"It will be beneficial to our clients and hopefully tide us over until we get through this time."

Nambucca mushroom farmer Loui Dee has seized the opportunity to sell his Paradise Mushrooms via contact-free home delivery.

"People who want to stay at home can order online and I will deliver fresh, organic oyster mushrooms free to their doorstep," Loui said.

Over at Blondies Hair Stylists in Nambucca Heads Lauren Coony is working hard to ensure clients are as far apart as possible.

"We only have two staff on at a time with a morning and an afternoon shift and we work on opposite sides of the salon," Lauren said.

"There is only one person at the basin and we are rescheduling anyone who has a cold (including ourselves).

"Everything is sterilised between clients and chairs wiped down. I shower as soon as I get home before I touch the kids or my husband. It is so bizarre - it has changed so fast."

And then there are the things you wouldn't expect - like the run on board wax Jenny and Richard Ellis had at Coastal Curves yesterday (Monday).

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