Grants for Surf Life Saving Clubs in Oxley

Surf Life Saving Clubs in Oxley are encouraged to apply for funding as part of the NSW Government's Surf Club Facility Program.

Member for Oxley Melinda Pavey said surf life saving clubs are vital community hubs with benefits extending far beyond the beach.

"Our volunteers play a vital role patrolling our beaches and keeping us safe in the water but our surf clubs also provide a place for families to gather on a weekend and feel part of the community," Ms Pavey said.

"The Surf Club Facility Program assists surf life saving clubs to upgrade facilities so they continue to play an important role for future generations."

Surf life saving clubs in bushfire and drought affected areas across NSW will be prioritised for assistance.

Acting Minister for Sport Geoff Lee said grants of $30,000 to $350,000 were available from the NSW Government for upgrade, restoration and construction projects.

"Surf clubs are a crucial part of our society and we need to ensure we upgrade facilities to keep them modern and versatile," Mr Lee said.

"When bushfires or drought affect a community, the surf club is often the focal point which unites people and gives them a safe place to share their stories in hard times."

All NSW surf life saving clubs are encouraged to apply for this grant and to consider upgrades which will make a significant contribution to both the local community and the safety of swimmers.

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