Geoff King and his Macksville crew are not deserting customers

For Geoff King and his staff the news that General Motors was closing down the Holden brand at the end of the year came as a shock ... but not one that will change anything.

"You just get on with life really don't you," the Holden dealer of many years told the Guardian News.

"Nothing will change. Holden will come and have discussions with us and we will continue to supply parts and services to clients for the next 10 years.

"Sales have certainly dwindled over recent years but our businesses in Coffs Harbour and Macksville will stay open ... we have deals with other suppliers.

"Down in Macksville the bulk of our business has been in used cars anyway for years, and that will continue."

Sales manager at the Macksville branch, Phil Burbridge, said Holden was not walking away from customers and neither was the local business.

"We are here for the customers, no one needs to worry. Certainly it's disappointing but that's the way it is," Phil said.

Australian Associated Press reported earlier in the week that GM and Holden had pledged to work closely with all their workers offering generous redundancy packages to about 600 staff across Australia and New Zealand.

The decision to close comes amid plunging domestic sales with demand for Holden vehicles down by almost 29 per cent to just 43,176 in 2019, in a total market down just eight per cent.

GM has committed to providing compensation to Holden dealers to allow them to transition to other brands or close down.

They will also have the opportunity to continue as dedicated Holden service centres with the company to maintain a supply of spare parts for at least 10 years for the 1.6 million Holden cars now on Australian roads.

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