Incessant rain blocks some roads in the Nambucca Valley

Update 5pm: North Arm Rd resident David Phillips has informed us that by 9am today "the creek had dropped considerably and the bottom of the side-track could be seen clearly" at Stinging Tree Creek Bridge.

But David also said "some additional rock will need to be placed on the crossing to fill in a couple of gullies that would make driving on the track difficult".

After contacting Council about the matter today, David said he was advised that no work could be undertaken on repairs until water levels recede. It was floated that tomorrow morning might be the earliest this might be achieved.

"In the meantime, a large proportion of the Girralong community is isolated with many people unable to go to work, attend appointments or to purchase food supplies," he said.

"Last night, some residents set up a shuttle service to ensure people caught on the Bowra side of the bridge could get home safely but many others are still unable to get into town: North Arm Road is one way in and one way out - there are no alternatives to leaving the valley."

After frustrated calls were made to the mayor David said some locals took it upon themselves to solve the situation, filling in many of the gullies left by the flood waters. Council workers attended after to help fill some more of the problem areas.

But David said this was only a temporary fix and Council has said they would return tomorrow to do some additional work.

The good news is that residents previously cut off are now able to cross again in light vehicles.

Meanwhile reports on social media are saying that Greys Crosssing is currently still under water.

But the Taylors Arm RSL's Friday night raffle is still being held tonight at the Pub, regardless.

Update 9am: Guardian News has since spoken with Council's Manager Engineering Services Paul Gallagher...

Road Closures:

North Arm Rd is currently closed at Stinging Tree Creek Bridge - the bridge was in the process of being replaced. The side track has been washed out, and Council's efforts to repair the side track keep on being undone with each new bout of rain.

Mr Gallagher cautioned residents about trying to cross.

"The water was up to a metre over the side track in parts, and when council workers were out assessing they couldn't see through to the bottom, to see what the state of the road was like underneath," he said.

The bridges which were burnt out at McHughs Creek Rd and South Arm Rd are also currently closed, with side tracks washed out.

Mr Gallagher has said when rain eases and Council is able to start repairs that community will be given priority.

Boat Harbour Bridge went under water at some point during the evening.

Mr Gallagher said it was the first time since the old wooden bridge was replaced with a concrete structure around four years ago that it has gone under.

Council staff are currently out assessing roads in the area and will update MyRoadInfo shortly.

Mr Gallagher has said his tech team will also look into why the app was not displaying all of the current road closures.

Wellington Drive:

One lane of Wellington Dr will remain closed until a proper inspection can be carried out on the bank's integrity.

That won't occur until rain lets up, which could be late next week.

Mr Gallagher said Council staff "cleaned the face of it off" yesterday and knocked down a few trees which were threatening to topple.

We asked Mr Gallagher about residents' concerns that recent work in the area could have destabilised the bank.

He said he wasn't aware of any vegetation work being conducted there recently, but said Council staff did respond to another minor slip a couple of weeks ago which brought a tree down in the same spot.

"We were up there cleaning up after that, but that work wouldn't have caused this slip," he said.

"Anywhere along that escarpment is prone to slippage because of the nature of the material.

"We might possibly see a few more slippages due to the loose materials on top of the bedrock."

One lane is still closed where the road slip occurred along Wellington Dr

One lane is still closed where the road slip occurred along Wellington Dr

Yesterday didn't bring the most amount of rain this Valley has copped in the past two weeks, but in many places the extra 50 to 100mm received was the straw that broke the camel's back.

The incessant soaking finally caused one of the banks along Wellington Drive to give way at around 11am. A landslip blocked the road near the Marine Rescue base and traffic was unable to pass for about three hours.

The rubble has since been cleared, but one side of the road remains closed.

Drivers should use caution when travelling along Wellington Dr at present.

Meanwhile the road out to Taylors Arm became blocked in many places yesterday afternoon as flood waters rose steadily.

The Taylors Arm Community page reported Lavertys Bridge underwater just before 3pm.

Argues Bridge, Factory Bridge, Greys Crossing and Burrapine Bridge were also inundated shortly after.

Some resourceful locals managed to find a way around some of the blocks via the Talarm turnoff, and a diversion through Williams Hill and Northbank Rds.

The page had reported as of 7am this morning that Lavertys Bridge and Greys Crossing are still under.

According to MyRoadInfo the northern end of Browns Crossing Rd near Warrell Creek is closed due to flooding. But the southern end has now reopened.

The Bureau of Meteorology has issued a Final Flood Warning for the Nambucca River at 3.51am this morning.

"The Nambucca River at Bowraville peaked at 5.30 metres early Friday morning, just below the minor flood level," it said.

"No further flooding is expected in the Nambucca River."

However the BOM's seven-day forecast is predicting showers to continue throughout the coming week, with a possible late storm tomorrow.

This isn't over just yet.

More updates as we receive them.

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