Your letters to the editor

The projected population growth for the Nambucca Shire region over the next 25 years is around 1000. This is the figure in the Nambucca Shire Council in the meeting papers for January 30.

The population is projected to increase from 19,500 in 2016 to 20,600 in 2041, which means the population will pretty well remain stationary.

Without a significant increase in population, employment will remain low, youth unemployment will remain one of the worst in the state, shops will remain close, services will, most likely, reduce.

Our population will remain older than the national average, there will be no demand for further subdivision for residential or commercial development, capital gains will remain low and there will be no incentive for new businesses or industry to start.

At their meeting on January 30 Nambucca Shire Council was presented, for the second time, with a proposal to support the investigation and implementation of the plan for the Great Koala National Park.

The GKNP would protect koala habitat in five local government areas: Clarence Valley, Coffs Harbour, Bellingen, Nambucca and Kempsey.

It would develop ecotourism in the area and so increase demands for employment, short term accommodation, eateries and associated businesses.

Council rejected the proposal, instead opting for an indeterminate delay for further information.

It is disappointing to see Nambucca Shire Council reject taking a lead in the investigation of the implementation of a project that would establish sustainable increase in employment, improve the local environment and help save koalas.

Edmund Lourey,

Nambucca Heads

Volunteering makes our community stronger

Thank you Marlene Griffin for your letter (GN Feb 6).

I was certainly surprised and humbled to receive an OAM in the recent Australia Day awards. I feel my contribution to community work in the valley is no greater than a large number of volunteers who get out there, roll their sleeves up and get things done.

Marlene is correct in saying that it is harder to find people to put their hands up and become involved in the needs of the community.

Currently we are leaderless in this country.

There is too much infighting within the ranks of the Federal Government and we have politicians, many of whom are only interested in their own personal gains.

Add to this an almost complete failure of all the political parties to come together on a united front to resolve the multiple problems confronting our nation.

For these very reasons there is a greater need for more volunteers to link the numerous community organisations within the valley and get planned projects completed as quickly as possible ... not to mention, to become a forceful and active voice in the welfare of the Nambucca Shire.

Volunteering doesn't require a great deal of a person's time, particularly if everyone gets out and does their share of work. It is amazing the number of friendships you can make and the satisfaction it provides.

John Mills,


Tourist signs

What has happened to our Nambucca coloured tourist signs we were promised would be erected on the new highway?

We were told when Macksville had their signs erected at the opening of the new highway that Nambucca would have theirs within 12 months.

We are a town that relies on tourism and we need these signs to encourage people to stop and enjoy what Nambucca has to offer.

Albert and Gaye Junge,

Nambucca Heads

Bowra's Heritage Hotel 

The Bowra Hotel is one of the most notable heritage buildings in the Nambucca Valley and the main feature of the Bowraville CBD streetscape.

The pub is also a huge part of the social and entertainment scene of Bowraville and the surrounding district.

The owners of the hotel and the licensee are to be congratulated on the excellent restoration of the exterior of the building.

The paintwork is fantastic and really brightens up the main street and will make a visit to the veranda post town more rewarding.

Blew Maning

Frank Partridge VC Military Museum