Loggerheads Malibu Club kicks off 2020 season with 2019 award ceremony

The Loggerheads Malibu Club launched their 2020 season on Saturday, February 8 with both the first club point score surf of the year and their award presentations for the 2019 season.

The surf at Scotts Head dished up some large, but inconsistent sets with the best waves found in the shelter of the headland and in front of the club track.

It was great to see many familiar faces from last year with a number of new members hitting the water for what is sure to be another great year of longboard action for the Loggerheads.

Once the points score surf was done and dusted the Loggerheads headed to the Scotts Reserve to award out the trophies that had been earned during the 2019 season.

The Loggerheads Malibu Club hosted and incredibly successful 35th Annual Loggerheads Malibu Classic last year and has now begun taking entries for the 36th Loggerheads Malibu Classic that will be held at Scotts Head from 24 - 26 July 2020.

Hundreds of surfers from all over Australia enjoyed perfect conditions during last years classic setting up the 2020 event to once again bring that great vibe back to Scotts Head.

The Loggerheads Malibu Club places for their 2019 club season were as follows:

Points Score Results:

  • Ladies: 1st Holly Williams, 2nd Rylee Godfrey Martin
  • Juniors: A draw between Kasey & Lilly Lawson
  • Over 60's: 1st Geoff "Woody" Woodhouse, 2nd John Shorter
  • Open 9': 1st Joel Parkhouse, 2nd Adam Cooper

Club Championship Results:

  • Ladies: 1st Manda Godfrey, 2nd Rylee Godfrey Martin, 3rd Gay StienthalJunior Ladies: 1st Rylee Godfrey Martin, 2nd Lilly Lawson
  • Old Mal: 1st Mark Fuller, 2nd TROY Martin, 3rd Sean Peterson
  • 60's: 1stMark Fuller, 2nd Geoff Woodhouse, 3rd John Shorter
  • 35's - 55's: 1st Jamie Lawson, 2ndManda Godfrey
  • Open 9': 1st Mark Fuller, 2nd Jamie Lawson, 3rd Troy Martin
  • 2019 Club Champion: 1st Mark Fuller (Mod & Old), 2nd Manda Godfrey
  • Most Improved: Kasey Lawson
  • Club Person: Barry Jagoe
  • Animal Award: Mark Fuller

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