Stories of courage and care: your heroes from a summer of fire, drought and flood

A property at South Arm, in Northern NSW.
A property at South Arm, in Northern NSW.

It has been Australia's lost summer. Drought, hail, floods and, worst of all, bushfires have ravaged communities all over the nation.

But the selfless actions of friends, family, neighbours, strangers, local groups and volunteer organisations have inspired us and strengthened the bonds of community.

Please join us in saying thanks to the heroes of the home front by sharing your stories of gratitude. To salute a person or a group, please use this form:

Your messages of thanks


Words will never be adequate enough to show the gratitude in our hearts for the heavy and threatening work you people are involved in day in and day out.

It leaves me speechless when thinking of your bravery and life put on the line for another. You represent the very best of humanity.

Lorraine van der Linden, Beauty Point, Wallaga Lake, NSW

Thank you

As the captain of Dungog RFS I would like to thank my husband and children for their support.

Thank you to my wonderful crew & their families for giving up their hoildays and being away from loved ones.

Thank you to all our employers for allowing us to take the time off to fight fires here & out of area.

Lastly, thank you to the Dungog community for their tremendous support. We are no where over this fire season, we need lots more rain however without the tremendous support of Dungog Community & with you all being vigilant for lightning strikes & reporting them immediately giving brigades to extinguish before they had a chance to escalate.

Thank you

Heidi Thornton, Dungog, NSW

Huge shout out

I would really love to give a huge thank you and shout out to Kara Welch, Laura Graham and Alissa Hastings who all helped the residents and RFS at South Arm in the initial days following the 8th of November.

These ladies all helped deliver food and water to those stranded and traumatised out at South rm! So thank you ladies for helping all of us that couldnt help ourselves in our time of need x

Janet, South Arm, NSW

One of a kind

Thanks for the guy who worked all night to keep the fire away from our house. You are one of a kind.

Michelle Waldron, Tenterfield, NSW