With people like Mikayla, we'll be alright

With people like Mikayla, we'll be alright

Eleven-year-old Mikayla Lenthall is the reason this Valley will be ok in the end.

After all that's happened - the trauma and devastation - it's the selfless and generous souls which make up our diverse community who will help pick us back up.

And there's an army of them. But young Mikayla is the perfect example.

When drought turned so many lives inside out last year, Mikayla offered up the rest of her pocket money to buy some pet food for the dogs who would otherwise have to go without.

"I just wanted to help any way I could," she said.

She purchased a large bag of dog biscuits and as many cans as she could afford and donated them at the Macksville Ex-Services collection point.

"It made me feel good, like I was putting my money towards something good," she said.

And then when fires scorched our Valley, and hurt some of her family members, she again felt compelled to do something to help.

"I didn't really think, I just got lost in the action of doing," she said.

The morning of the ninth of November, Mikayla was knocking at her neighbour's (Ron Neaves) place to add to his collection of items to be taken to the Evacuation Centre in Bowraville.

She donated whatever money she had been saving, plus some colouring books, toys and clothes.

But, not satisfied with that effort, Mikayla also decided to set up a drink stall outside her house in Bellevue Drive to raise whatever funds she could.

"I'd seen a lot about drink stalls and I thought if I could raise enough money, I could try and give it to people who've lost their houses, and maybe help get them back on their feet," she said.

Photo by Ron Neaves

Photo by Ron Neaves

Ron made sure to march his walking group up to the stall.

Mikayla raised a total of $140 which she and Ron donated to BlazeAid.

"She's so generous this little girl in more ways than one, and noone prompts her," Ron said.

Her natural instinct is heart-warming and reassuring in equal measures.

And that is why this Valley will be ok ... because the Mikaylas out there will see us through.

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