Kian Rd bushfire updated to 'under control'

Fighting the Kian Rd bushfire

Fighting the Kian Rd bushfire

IT'S BEEN an epic and tearful fight - and there may yet be another unforeseen chapter to be penned - but the Kian Rd bushfire on the doorstep of Macksville has today been listed as 'under control'.

This comes after weeks of battle between the fire started by a lightning strike and local fire fighting agencies, notably the NSW Rural Fire Service.

The Kian Rd fire wreaked havoc on the communities of South Arm, Taylors Arm, Burrapine, Congarinni, Bakers Creek and Talarm - and was listed as 'out of control', before an extended status of 'being controlled' as firefighters sought to establish and strengthen containment lines.

After the initial ignition, the Kian Rd bushfire was listed as 'under control' before horrific weather conditions saw it break out.

Some 60 dwellings and scores of out-buildings were lost to the Kian Rd fire., which as of today had consumed more than 31,000 hectares.

The news is not as good for the Carrai East fire immediately to the south of the Kian Rd fireground - which was elevated from 'Advice' level to 'Watch and Act'.

The massive Carrai East fire - which came 'down' to the coast from the Armidale region - is some 121,000 hectares in size.

The most recent update on the Fires Near Me app at 4pm, noted that the fire continues to burn in the areas of Boonanghi, Wittitrin, Dungay and Hickeys Creek.

The fire is also burning in the areas of Five Day Creek and Nulla Nulla.

Fire activity is increasing in the area of Dungay Creek Rd, Dungay.

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