Level 1 water restrictions for Nambucca Valley

As from this Thursday (December 5), and until further notice, the Nambucca local government area will move to Level 1 Water Restrictions.

Without reasonable rain over the Nambucca River catchment it is anticipated that the flow level in the Nambucca River will soon fall below the 95th percentile meaning the flow rate exceeded 95 per cent of the time.

"The Council has approximately 2 years supply of stored water in the Bowra Dam so there is no immediate concern in relation to water supply but it's prudent to take precautionary action by introducing Level 1 Moderate Water Restrictions to respond to the potential for a hot, dry summer," Mayor Rhonda Hoban said.

"If we don't get rain, the Council's Bowra Dam will also have to increasingly supply water carters for rural residents who are reliant on rainwater tanks. So some moderation in town consumption will help support the whole community in getting through this dry spell."

Level 1 Water Restrictions are designed for a target reduction in water consumption of 10% and the requirements are:

  • Micro-sprays and drippers/sub-surface can be used for a maximum of 15 minutes and hand held hoses can be used for 1 hour every second day, between the hours of 4.00pm and 9.00am on odd or even days matching the house numbering system.
  • Other irrigation and unattended hoses banned.
The Nambucca will go to Level 1 on Thursday

The Nambucca will go to Level 1 on Thursday

The Council is seeking the community's support in abiding by the Level 1 Water Restrictions but if necessary it does have power to fine persons and companies for breaching the restrictions.

Residents and businesses who fail to comply can have their water supply restricted, or face "on the spot" fines and/or prosecution in the Local Court. The "on the spot" fines are $220 and up to $2,200 if prosecuted through the Local Court.

The same penalties apply to water theft and unauthorised access of water from Council's mains and hydrants.

For enquiries please contact the Mayor, Councillor Rhonda Hoban OAM on 6569 5556 or 0408 661 412.

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