Final tally and a big thankyou after Pink Up Macksville campaign

When Joy Sheather estimated how much she expected the Macksville community to raise through its Pink Up efforts, she nominated $5000.

"We'd never done this before, so how do you say how much you'll raise? Throw a dart against a wall?" she said.

"We didn't have a crystal ball," Dawn Cooper said.

If they did, they would have known they had seriously underestimated the generosity of the local community.

After a massive six week-long community effort, the numbers have been tallied.

Drum roll please...

The grand total raised for the Pink Up Macksville campaign was $19,170.65.

"I think we've done exceptionally well for a little town," Joy said.

And I feel as if we've achieved something worthwhile. It gave our community a focus and something to pull together for.

"It included everyone, and every which way we turned there was generosity."

They recall moments of pure joy throughout October, like when a group of tradies would eagerly approach their street stall not long after the sparrow's fart and ask what they could buy for smoko.

"That's how supportive they were," Joy said. "And we'd sell all but the trestle table by 11.30."

Each of their four street stalls made around a grand on overage.

They fondly recall the generous donation of the four bales of hay "in the middle of a drought, and by blokes we'd never met before" which they turned into two pairs of Double-Z knockers along the highway. They made $170 a pair at auction.

Toots for tits along the Pacific Highway

Toots for tits along the Pacific Highway

"That was a doubly whammy, with the public awareness and the money we raised," Joy said.

And in spite of the drought making a cattle sale challenging, the show went on for the good of the cause.

"People who'd never been to one in their life turned up," Joy said.

"One of the organisers said 'Well Joy, it wasn't all that huge, but they won't forget Macksville's first pink cattle sale'."

Photo by Jane Stanton

Photo by Jane Stanton

And many donations actually came from outside the community: Kempsey, Coffs Harbour, Sydney.

A beautifully hand-made quilt was donated by a talented lady down in Sydney to be raffled off, and was won by a gentleman who had no need of it. He regifted it and it was raffled once more - and won by a local lady who'd just newly become a grandmother.

"That was special, and really warmed my heart," Joy said.

Another thing the awesome foursome will never get over is the number of men quietly handing over notes of the green and yellow variety.

Macksville Public and High Schools, and St Pat's all raised over $600 from their own efforts.

Photo by Outamedia's Matt Baker

Photo by Outamedia's Matt Baker

And of course, there were the local businesses, who all went "above and beyond" in their enthusiasm, proactivity, generosity, and decorating skills.

"It brings tears to your eyes," Dawn said.

"Everyone's battling at the moment, but all pulling in the same direction."

All four women are incredibly grateful for the way the community got behind them.

"Without everyone's input it wouldn't have been what it was," Joy said.

"We really want to thank everyone for their effort. And we especially want to thank our McGrath Breast Care Nurse, Carolyn, who gave us all so much encouragement, enthusiasm and good ideas."

The Fantastic Four with Carolyn Cross (centre)

The Fantastic Four with Carolyn Cross (centre)

So how have the fantastic four pulled up after such a huge campaign? And what now for them?

"To answer your question 'how do we feel afterwards?' - Bloody Great! ... and ready to do it all again next year!"

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