The pub is a distribution centre for donated goods

A briefing with Rural Fire Service crews out at the Taylors Arm Pub with No Beer this morning (Monday) warned everyone to prepare to evacuate tomorrow.

Pub proprietor Wade Clarke said that with the predicted hot winds and temperatures around 36 degrees and the "massive" smoke haze already blanketing everything, no one would be taking any chances.

"People are on edge and some were very distressed this morning, which is understandable - we've had floods out here but never anything like these fires ... 30 homes have already gone in the valley," Wade said.

This afternoon however the pub was still open and trading, running on generators that had been donated over the weekend. Power had also been restored.

"We are a distribution centre for all the goods that have been donated - Woolworths in Nambucca and Macksville as well as the Macksville Ex-Services Club have all sent things up ... we really appreciate it.

"People can come here and relax (yes, there is cold beer) and get whatever they need."

He said the road from Macksville to Taylors Arm (Monday 3pm) was currently open to traffic.

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