More rangers to patrol Nambucca Shire beaches

With summer approaching Nambucca Shire Council is receiving more complaints about dog owners disobeying signage and regulations restricting the activity of dogs on beaches, particularly in Nambucca Heads and Valla Beach.

"The Council has developed a policy to balance the needs of residents who wish to use beaches to exercise their dogs and themselves with the needs of other residents who wish to avoid beaches with dogs", Council's Manager Development and Environment, Daniel Walsh, said.

"The Council has identified the following beaches where dogs can be on beaches:

1. Nambucca Heads from the Swimming Creek beach access northwards to the walk bridge access to the beach from the public reserve adjoining the Valla Park Resort.

2. North Valla Beach from the access path from the Gregory Street car park to the northern boundary of the Shire.

3. Scotts Head from the Christian Youth Centre beach access path on Banksia Crescent northwards. Dogs are permitted on-leash between the surf club and the Christian Youth Centre beach access path between 6pm and 8:30am.

"Dogs are prohibited on all other beaches.

"People who take dogs onto our beaches are responsible for ensuring they are in a permitted area, as well as the control and behaviour of the dog and for the removal and disposal of their pooches poo."

He said Council's rangers would issue fines to people with dogs on beaches where they are not permitted, with the minimum fine being $330.00 and that ranger patrols would be increased to ensure the beach regulations were being complied with.