Nambucca Council votes to reclassify land for Bowra Sporting Hub

It has bounced around the council chambers and on and off its meeting agenda for months, that burning question of how best to deal with the land needed for the Bowraville Sporting Hub.

Having sought and received legal advice about the possibility of doing a land swap rather than a reclassification, at it's September 26 meeting the council voted in favour of seeking approval to reclassify Lot 482 from 'community' to 'operational' land.

The General Manager Michael Coulter explained the need in his report:

'A reclassification of the land will provide Council with the necessary flexibility to accommodate any changes to the project as it progresses. If the reclassification process to change community land to operational land was not so onerous in terms of resources and time this wouldn't be necessary but as it stands any unplanned change, for whatever reason, could delay progress by 6-12 months.'

The council also resolved to put an offer to the Member for Oxley, Melinda Pavey - that it (council) will provide up to $25,000 (an advance on its promised $700,000 contribution), provided the NSW Government advanced an equivalent amount from the $3 million grant.

This will allow for the preparation of costed plans to a development application standard for the facility.

The carefully worded proviso however is that the matching contribution from the NSW Government should also come with a funding deed setting out a timeline for the preparation of plans; the required standard for the plans; the components to be costed; as well as a contingency.

And then the all important final part of the resolution: that once the project is completed Council finalise the subdivision boundaries and request the land not being used for the project then revert to community land.

The decision was unanimous with Cr Janine Reed having departed the chamber, citing a conflict of interest on the matter.

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