Penguins help with Pets Inside to Save Lives campaign

Introducing Dolphin Marine Conservation Park's newest feathered friends, named after their better-known Hollywood look-a-likes ...

Captain (Madagascar) Ramon (Happy Feet) Erik (Happy Feet) and DeVito (Batman) are four male penguins, who were born at Billabong Zoo in Port Macquarie.

They have now arrived in Coffs Harbour to join the conservation park's penguin breeding program.

Captain, Ramon, Erik and DeVito, together with the rest of the little blue penguin flock, are ambassadors in the Pets Inside to Save Lives program, which aims at saving native wildlife by pledging to keep our dogs and cats inside at night.

Pets Inside to Save Lives:

"This initiative of Dolphin Marine Conservation Park raises awareness about threatened species by asking the people to pledge to keep dogs and cats inside or contained in yards.

Over 1500 Australia native species are listed as threatened with 86 of classified as critically endangered.

Introduced domestic pets such as cats and dogs kill tens of millions of native animals every year, placing increased pressure on already threatened species - a recent survey suggests that dogs attack and kill around 110 koalas in Queensland every year!"

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