Letter: Careful planning a must for Nambucca arts precinct

TWENTY years ago when our family relocated to this part of the State, I was devastated, due to leaving the theatres, the Opera House and many live shows that could be had in Sydney and surrounds.

Therefore imagine my delight to discover that Nambucca had an Arts Council. A cultural base in this town since 1982. I have been able to indulge my passions of art, ballet, drama and the most wonderful music each year from the Conservatorium of Music.

There is a courtyard in which to organise concerts, musicians, dancers, school kids at the end of year Christmas Pageant, and of course, Coffs City Orchestra.

At the Opera House, they too have a courtyard, and of course the Green Room, in which to gather the performers and time to compose themselves for the performance. The musical instruments are packed away, watched over by those talented folk who can make the music come from items that puzzle many people.

Certainly the door prices are much more conducive to Nambucca Heads than the Opera House, but then at Nambucca we have the most comfortable chairs, refreshments without climbing stairs, at an affordable price, an opportunity to chat to the orchestra members and guest musicians and artists.

There is a lovely ceiling for the audience to appreciate, good curtains, and acoustics that would rival the Opera House. A well maintained Main Hall, that has recently been renovated.

The grand piano is a dream to play, and at least five pianists that I know have had the pleasure of playing on this well-tuned piano. Each has expressed the desire that it be used more.

At Nambucca we have the space for organisation of musical instruments, and the space to arrange transport for those of us who are frail and restricted with mobility. And have a ramp into the hall.

The Stringer Art Gallery has hosted many good exhibitions, and at the end of this month a wonderful Art exhibition will again be on display in this gallery, Main Hall and small Hall. It is an excellent space for many locals to show their talent.

The Nambucca Shire needs to have more ratepayers involved with the architectural plan that is being developed for this area, before committing to the money that will be required to redevelop the space that at present we are all enjoying. The population of this shire is aging, maybe that significant factor needs to be considered as well.

Kathleen Miller, Nambucca Heads

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