Nambucca Shire Council is monitoring river flows

Given the prolonged dry spell the Nambucca Shire Council has received a number of enquiries regarding the water restrictions which apply to the Nambucca local government area.

At this stage the level of water restrictions have not been increased and they remain at the permanent conservation level of no unattended hoses between the hours of 9.00am and 4.00pm.

Field officers are out an about checking for any breaches with the penalty for a first offence is $220.

The mayor, Rhonda Hoban, said council staff were monitoring flows in the Nambucca River which remained just above the 95th percentile for the month (ie the flow which is exceeded 95 per cent of the time).

"If the river level drops below this flow rate the council will cease pumping from the Nambucca River and take its reticulated water from the 5,000ML Bowra Dam which is close to full capacity," the mayor said.

"The 5,000ML capacity of Bowra Dam is ample given the Nambucca Valley's yearly consumption is around 1,500ML - we are fortunate in having considerable capacity to deal with a prolonged drought."

A further assessment of the appropriate water restrictions and usage will be made if and when the council starts use of its off-river water storage.

"Regardless of the level of water restrictions the council advocates that all residents take sensible water conservation measures to reduce demand and save this precious resource, while reducing their own water bills," she said.

"Measures like AAA rated shower roses, only using the full flush on the toilet when needed, turning the tap off when brushing your teeth or shaving, only operating a fully loaded dishwasher and checking for leaks are all simple measures which can save a lot of water."

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