Bargain hunters, we've mapped the garage sales on the Mid North Coast to make your life easier: September 14 - 15

Bag yourself a bargain this weekend
Bag yourself a bargain this weekend

The decluttering bug is sweeping the nation, and households all over the Mid North Coast are busy clearing out and setting up stalls.

Bargains galore can be found at local garage sales this weekend and you can use the map below to find out where they are.

Shopping at garage sales is not just about getting a steal of a deal.

We've long been a nation that loves to recycle and local garage sales are a great way for pre-loved goods to find new homes.

Conscious consumption is another way we can all reduce our waste footprint and reuse items that may otherwise be destined for landfill.

Buying pre-owned things can also be fun, represent good value for money and often means purchasing items that were crafted to last a lifetime.

Here's what to keep in mind when buying pre-loved goods:

  1. Work out exactly what you need and stick to it. If you shop without a plan you may end up buying lovely pieces that weren't on the essential list.
  2. Have an idea of how much you can spend or what you are prepared to pay for something.
  3. Expect the unexpected as there is always something weird yet wonderful unearthed at local sales. Just have contingency money set aside if you spot a bargain of a lifetime.
  4. Know what sort of condition you will accept furniture in. Are you handy? Can you sand and paint? If so you won't need to worry about the final finish of a piece as you can redo it yourself and just make sure it's sturdy or solid.
  5. Can you pick the item up if you find something you like? Make sure you have a trailer or access to someone with one that can be at the ready to go.
  6. Finally, bring plenty of small change, shopping bags and of course, a drink bottle. Bargain hunting can be thirsty work.

Good luck and happy hunting.


If you're hosting a garage sale, put yourself on the map, advertise with your local paper, call 6588 6655.

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