Nambucca Shire steps up to help their neighbours in Dorrigo

Thank you ... you have answered the call with such generosity

Dorrigo's Jeannie Veitch left Macksville this afternoon (Thursday) with her car laden with fresh produce and other items donated by our community following the call-out on Tuesday.

She also took a generous quantity of cooked food up yesterday, not to mention 12 dozen eggs donated by Dave's poultry in Bowraville.

"The response has been so generous ... trucks also left Armidale and Kempsey loaded up with food," Jeannie said.

"And this is a small lower socio-economic community ... even today at the (Seventh Day Adventist) Food Hub people have been adding things from their own shopping."

Jeannie said although the fires were still burning, the immediate need had slowed thanks to all the donations.

The Seventh Day Adventist Church also donated $300 for fruit and vegetables, which has been placed on a tab at Pam's Fruit and Veg in Dorrigo for use as and when needed.

And in Nambucca Heads, Sarah Mills did a round of local businesses, who also gave generously, with a load heading up the mountain soon via Coffs Harbour.

Feeding stock is still however critical - you can donate by calling Beaumonts Produce and 'buying' some bales ($29.50 each), which will then be delivered free of charge: phone 6657 2389.

Northern AgriServices in Dorrigo is also helping out- 6657 2068.

Plus Beaumonts is collecting money to help farmers replace lost fences.

Anyone wanting to donate to the fresh food kitty can call Pastor Paul Richardson on 0414 628 739.

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