Nambucca Shire Council will change its name to Nambucca Valley Council

Welcome to the environs of Nambucca Valley Council
Welcome to the environs of Nambucca Valley Council

You've had your say, well, 402 of you, and 64 per cent of you gave the green light for the council to change its name to Nambucca Valley Council ... which it has duly voted to do at its meeting last Thursday (August 29).

The question was put, along with many others, as part of the triennual Community Satisfaction Survey conducted by Jetty Research on behalf of the council in Late July.

In presenting the results, Jetty Research's James Parker explained the results offered not only a guide as to how the council should allocate funding, but also bench-marking against other NSW councils.

Drilling down into the numbers Mr Parker said the council was currently meeting expectations in seven out of 26 services, with the council pool rating well, followed by online services, libraries, sewage collection and treatment, halls, sporting facilities and water supply.

Relative to other councils, NSC performed better in relation to most infrastructure with the exception of libraries and was deemed significantly better in providing public toilets, community halls, clean streets, sewage and development applications.

Council was not seen as effective as its peers when it came to providing tourism marketing, youth facilities and services and waste and recycling - all of which were seen as having a high importance.

Attracting new businesses and investment (23 per cent) and roads (20 per cent) were ranked as the most urgent priorities for the council resources.

Other areas that were given high importance but received a lower satisfaction were footpaths and cycle-ways, environmental monitoring, services for the elderly, coastal and river water management.

Overall, satisfaction with the council's performance was good compared to other councils, coming in at 3.43, with Mr Parker noting that "any score over 3.2 is doing well".

Apart from the question about the council's name change, the two other additional questions both received a positive response: 82 per cent said they would like to see an increase in economic development and population and 69 per cent said the name of the Valla Growth Area should be left as Valla.

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