Scotts Head board rider Nina Lawson will compete at the National Surf Titles in WA

Photo: Zahn Pithers
Photo: Zahn Pithers

At 11 years old Nina Lawson is already creating some big waves in the surfing world.

The happy-go-lucky kid from Scotts Head and the local Boardriders Club cruised through the NSW Grommet State Titles at Maroubra in July and is now preparing to head over to West Australia for the National Titles at the end of November.

In fact, the tickets are already bought and the whole family is looking forward to the adventure.

"We're thrilled for Nina ... and it's a fun thing for the rest of us - we wouldn't have done this otherwise," her father Peter said.

As for Nina, well she's just really proud and happy and excited about it all.

"I feel really pleased that I did better than last year, where I only came fourth in the semis. This year I won my semi and was then in the final against the 13-year-old that I'd beaten in the semi," Nina said.

"I was feeling really nervous - I caught a great first wave but then I fell off my second wave. Seven big sets came through and it felt like an hour of big waves on my head ... it was a relief to get in."

Being on her board is almost more natural than walking for Nina, who first started paddling at two.

"Surfing is so much fun, it calms me down - you make new friends at the titles and have such a good time."

Photo: Zahn Pithers

Photo: Zahn Pithers

As she prepares for her WA adventure, she is spending time watching pro surfers from the World Surfing League, which is where she hopes to be one day.

"Stephanie Gilmore is my idol - I'd love to win the yellow jersey at Snapper Rocks."

Nina trains with Trent Munro's Grom Squad, she's at the beach every weekend and in between keeps fit with skating sessions.

The Scotts Head Boardriders Club is also assisting her with expenses for the Australian Surfing Titles.

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