Nambucca Heads Public School 2019 Book Week parade photos

It's not every day you get to see both Chewbacca and Action Man in the same room...flossing.

Bowra Street got its annual treat today as characters came grooving out of the Red School's gates for their Book Week parade.

There was a particularly believable four-foot-wide SpongeBob - and I can assure you he was definitely spongey - who needed an entourage for lack of peripheral vision.

An astronaut had seemingly become besties with a ninja - an odd pairing, to be sure.

But it could be said - and it's a big call - that this year's best dressed award should go to the teachers, who had all apparently received their owl admission letter to Hogwarts.

Mad-Eye Moody, Luna Lovegood, Dolores Umbridge, Nearly Headless Nick - they were all there in a motley crew of magic and mayhem.

After the parade, the ragtag cast of characters headed back to school for a special book fair.

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