Bushland makes Nambucca Heads a special place

Nambucca Heads
Nambucca Heads

RE 'Open Up the Town', letters, 25/7/19. I've googled New Lambton which is outer Newcastle where Mr Fuller lives. I'm so surprised, the housing estates in the area seem to have no natural bushland and I am disappointed that he doesn't appreciate the beauty of our area.

To destroy our beautiful valley all because he thinks we should have coastal views is in my view a disgrace. We choose to live here and have to take the good with the bad.

It's no trouble to drive or walk to a viewing spot when people wish to contemplate a sunrise, sunset, whales, moon on the water. To destroy the flora and fauna of this valley is not on, we who love the valley wish to see our bush, animals and birds survive.

It's a privilege to live here and we have no right destroying what nature has provided.

One of the delights of living in Nambucca Heads is the coastal nature strip which runs along our stunning coastline and through the town in various spots. The local Aboriginal Gumbayngirr people who have roamed the area for over 25,000 years, in their wisdom have sought to claim some of these forests and therefore protect them into the future.

When I walk the beach and look back and see the bushland and the occasional glimpse of a house I feel a million miles away from civilisation.

Our beaches are beautiful and at certain times of day you see so few people. Nothing beats the joy of experiencing a rush of air as a sea eagle flies over your head to plunge into the water and emerge with a fish.

The graceful pelican who rides the air currents and visits the shore looking for handouts from the many fishermen who enjoy the pristine waters, the dolphins who surf the waves or chase your tinny up the river.

For Mr Fuller to say tidy up the whole town to allow coastal breezes to come in by cutting down our fine large native trees is an abomination.

With the bush comes a fire hazard, I agree. All over the State people choose to live in the bush or near the bush despite knowing it's a fire hazard.

We who have lived with the bat problem for some years do hate it and many avenues have been explored as to how we can rid our beloved Gordon Park Rainforest of them. Sadly it is too late, they have destroyed the habitat so lovingly tended to by volunteers over the years.

As for coastal views, many of us have them and love it. Views have been reduced to glimpses over the years for residents in this town because of the forest growth and growth in home gardens.

The Lions Club is going to build a whale watching platform on the headland above the Surf Club which will further enhance the opportunity to see these magnificent creatures as they travel up and down the coast May to October every year.

In our case we do have ocean glimpses from our home and a natural forest to look at.

It brings an abundance of birds and wildlife that visit our garden. It's a pleasure to look down from our balcony on the many species that fly in to sup on the bird supermarket below. We feel we are so lucky to enjoy this open air aviary.

It is said that there are more birds along our Mid North Coastline than anywhere else in Australia or the world for that matter. It is important that we play our bit and make sure their homes and food supply are not destroyed.

Dorothy Harris, Nambucca Heads

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