Starr's Planetarium visits Nambucca Valley Christian Community School

NAMBUCCA Valley Christian Community School students had the privilege of using their new auditorium to view the universe in 3D.

Students from kindergarten to Year 10 Science were visited by Starr's Planetarium where they entered a huge inflatable dome which brought the universe, a stunning 360 degree movie, to life.

Viewing the night sky all around them was an awesome experience for all involved.

Kindergarten experienced flying to the Moon and seeing what it was like for astronauts to view Earth and the Moon from space.

The older grades travelled on the Apollo mission, as a part of the 50th anniversary of the Moon landing. Students also watched how the sun and Moon tracked across the sky and how this movement affects the seasons.

There were many breathtaking moments that engaged, amazed and inspired students throughout the visit.