Nambucca police urge parents to contact police directly

Detective Inspector Guy Flaherty said police were doing their best to solve the traffic problems around Nambucca Heads Public School about traffic problems.

He said that in a complaint via the school, speeding on Lee St and Ridge Street and U-turns on crossings were highlighted, as well as parking issues.

"Firstly we encourage the public to contact the police in relation to their concerns either at the station or via the NSW Police web site's customer assistance unit where a record will be made and forwarded for appropriate actions," Det. Insp. Flaherty said.

Sending young kids on their own across the road away from pedestrian crossings could lead to a tragic set of circumstances.

Detective Inspector Guy Flaherty

"Over the past week, highway patrol have issued a number of infringements or warned drivers about the manner in which they have stopped and let off school children - offences identified have been U-turns over double yellow lines, talking on mobile phones plus two instances of speeding on two occasions through the 40 kph zone.

"There is a need for parent, pedestrian and driver education in this area, as they are all putting kids in danger.

"We have seen kids running out from in between cars - there is an incline there, in particular on Ridge St, where motorists have been detected speeding.

"We will continue to patrol the area but encourage parents to drop the kids in a safe area and have them use the managed pedestrian crossing."

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