Olive the pig in her happy place at Lighthouse Beach, Port Macquarie

We may take for granted the chance to walk our pets on the beach. You know, soaking up the sunshine, playing catch or fetch.

But for one Port Macquarie resident, taking her pet to the beach means she gets more attention than most people.

Emily Jackson's pet is a pig. Olive the three-month-old pig, to be precise.

Olive apparently has plenty of fun digging in the sand and playing games.

Emily and her mum Maree Buchtmann purchased Olive's pregnant mum from Victoria. They decided to keep Olive, who was considered the runt of the family.

Emily says she always wanted to have a pig as a pet.

"We live on a farm at Lake Innes and have horses and chickens and dogs. But we never had a pig," she said.

Olive the pig enjoying a beach walk

While the trips to the beach are frequent - Olive really enjoys catching up with her dog friends and playing in the sand - Emily is also trying to find other areas for her to take Olive.

"I would like to take her for more walks but I have to work out where she can and can't go," Emily said. "I have asked for information on several social media sites too.

"We have tried some dog parks but we aren't really sure if we can take her there or not."

Emily says Olive really enjoys being at the beach and loves all the other dogs.

While having a pig as a pet doesn't worry Emily or her partner Pierce Avery, some people are confused when they walk past the couple with Olive on the lead.

"Everyone is really confused. One lady even asked me if Olive was a dog," Emily said.

"But it doesn't worry me that much. Olive stays on the lead and is really happy having a walk."

Emily says having a property helps in giving Olive room to move around because of their inquisitive nature.

They are considered smarter and able to be taught more tricks than dogs.

Enjoying a beach walk

Pigs are also considered low maintenance for grooming with Emily taking Olive to the dog baths for a regular wash.

Olive's diet includes grass, fruit and vegies and some grains.

She is likely to live up to 15 years.

It is also likely that next time you see Olive she will be very polite: Emily has enrolled Olive in puppy pre-school. She starts in two weeks' time.